Aftercare and Early Morning Drop-Off Program

Francine Ladson – After School Coordinator /201-876-0102  Fax:  201-876-9576

All After Care on both regular days and ½ day goes until 6:00 pm unless otherwise noted on special days.


5 days a week for one month   $250.00     Sibling $200.00

3 days a week for one month $200.00     Sibling $150.00

Drop in hourly rate $12.00 per hour, per student

Before School $5.00 per day

Overtime rates after 6:00 – $20.00

Families who qualify for reduced price lunch will pay only half the After Care Fee

and families who qualify for free lunch will only pay one quarter of the fee.

Please contact Harry Laub, Director if you need special consideration.

Registration:  You must register at or enter through the school website at– School ID #297ecsnj –  Your online registration will allow you to choose aftercare enrollments rates, order school lunch, pay for school trips and other services as well as print out end of year childcare tax reports.   If you need emergency After School Care please notify the School Office at 201-876-0102.  Please remember, in order to use our services,  you must register at orgsonline.   We will not be able to admit students who are not registered.

If you are already registered, log in to with your user name and password, and update your child/rens information if needed.  If you forget your log-in information please seek help and do not open a second account.

Payments:     Payments are made through, where you pay directly from your checking account by electronic check, credit card or personal check. The fee for electronic checks is $1.50.  All credit card transactions incur a fee of $4.50.   Personal checks will also be accepted. Cash payments will not be accepted.

Transaction Fees:  We have eliminated the annual registration fee.  Your account information will be saved in the system so that you do not have to enter it each time.  Families with more than one child can group multiple payments together for each category.   A separate transaction fee will be charged for each new category, ( ie.  lunch, after school, trips and enrichment clubs are all separate transactions) to enable the school to separate out banking payments for the different programs.

Special Arrangements: We understand After Care is a need for all working parents and do not want any family not to enroll due to financial constraints, however, we cannot run the program without payments.  If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch, please speak with Susan Gilbertson or Diane Macon to arrange your rates according to your need.  We no longer participate in the Hudson County Urban League Care Program.  If you qualify for this program, please contact Susan for further information.

Program Hours:   Early Morning Drop Off  runs from 7:30 am to 8:30 am, in the gymnasium.

The After School Program runs from the end of the school day, from 2:45 to 6:00 pm.

On half days, After School will begin as soon as the children are dismissed at 12:30 pm until 6:00 pm.  You will be notified in advance of occasional early closings, usually before holidays.

On time pick up of your child is very important.  Please notify the School Office of your anticipated arrival time if you will be late.  (A fee of $20 will be charged after 6:05 pm.)

Pick-up Procedures:    To ensure the safety of your child/ren, only the persons listed on your School Emergency Form will be able to pick up your child/ren.  You must come up to the office in person to sign your child/ren out.  Please note that if the children are in the park they may be signed out with one of the staff. Please make sure that you speak to them in person.

Please notify the School Office in writing or fax at 201-876-9576 if someone not listed on your emergency form will be picking up your child/ren.

Snacks:  A small nut-free snack and juice will be served to the After School Program Students.  We encourage you to pack additional healthy snacks for your child to eat in After School, especially if they have unique food requirements.