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In 2015, when we learned that our dream of having our own facility was about to come true, the Friends of Elysian, PTSO and Board of Trustees joined forces for the Campaign for Elysian, a three-year capital campaign benefiting the school’s facilities fund. This was vital since the State of New Jersey does not assist charter schools with building or maintaining school facilities. Plus, as compared with the Hoboken public schools, on average, Elysian receives 35% less funding per student. We have always done more with less, but there is still a significant financial gap.
2014 – 2015 Goal: $250,000 – Achieved!
2015 – 2016 Goal: $125,000 – Achieved!
2016 – 2017 Goal: $125,000



The Campaign has been our biggest and most successful fundraising appeal ever! We hit our first year goal of $250,000 ($266,971, to be exact) and for that, we thank both individuals and businesses, and everyone who came together and gave their time, effort and expertise.

Funds raised by the Campaign and previous appeals/events went directly to school’s moving expenses— which took four whole days—and to supplement the build-out costs which were primarily covered by Bijou Properties. And by the “build-out,” we mean the walls, floors, windows, lights, bathrooms, hallway bulletin boards, the gym (padding, basketball hoops, et al.), white boards, phones, fire alarms, lockers, coat cabinets, special locks, security system and cameras, additional furniture and so much more.

Year One of the Campaign culminated on September 10, 2015 when the Elysian Charter School opened its doors for its first day of school at our new location, 1460 Garden Street in Hoboken, New Jersey.


2015-9-9-elysian-ribbon-cutting-118Our goal for the 2015-2016 school year was $125,000, which we happily reached, hitting a final total of $162,291! And our goal for the current school year, 2016-2017, is the same—$125,000.

A considerable sum of funds raised in both Years 2 and 3 will go toward utilities and services that Elysian previously didn’t need to cover in its annual budget since they were part of the rent at our previous locations, including electricity, heating, air-conditioning, HVAC maintenance and the fire alarm system. It will also cover ongoing telecommunication services and janitorial services (which are estimated to be roughly double the cost from previous years).

Because our families have been so generous in the first two years, we were also able to support a vital new math program for our K– 5th grade students as well as helping to furnish the new Science Center.

And, of course, we want to ensure that Elysian has the resources necessary for miscellaneous expenses as well as general financial stability (a “rainy day fund”) for years to come.

Once again, our appreciation to everyone who has contributed to the Campaign so far! Without your support, Elysian would literally not be where it is today. For those who would like to contribute, please click the links above. And thank you in advance for the continued success of the Campaign For Elysian!


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