Trivia Night

Trivia Night Fundraiser Ticket Info:

  • Tickets are for Elysian parents only until Sunday, November 19, when, if any tickets are unsold, they will be open to non-Elysian friends, extended family, and the public.
  • No tickets can be sold at the door since teams need to be set up in advance.
  • Each team will be made up of six (6) members, but you can buy any number of tickets.

To purchase tickets, click HERE.

Creating Teams: 

  • You can put together a full team of six members yourself, either buying the tickets in one purchase or, if the tickets are bought separately, utilizing the registration form (or emailing us at to list your team’s players.
  • You can also include less than six names, too, and we’ll add others to your team to round it out. Deadline for emailing all team preferences is Monday, November 27.
  • Teams will be created for everyone who buys a ticket. (In other words, you don’t need to come with your own six-member team. We’ll put people together.)
  • We will do our best to accommodate team requests, but it will be first come, first served. Please let your team members know that their spots are not guaranteed until payment is received.