Elysian Culture & Community

The Elysian community of children, parents, teachers, administrators and friends is closely-knit and enthusiastically active in the fostering of an environment in which everyone feels welcome and appreciated. Our culture is one of inclusion, where “everyone knows your name” and everyone can make a contribution that matters.

We count on a healthy donation of a community spirit to help make the difference in educating our children to their fullest potential. Many of our annual “events” reflect this sensibility and our community-focused culture:

During Community Meetings held in our auditorium, individual classes perform musical acts, dances or skits while the entire school community watches and celebrates their success.

During our annual Kuumba Day Celebration, the third grade classes participate in an “Elysian rite of passage” by performing a traditional African dance to the sounds of pounding drums and foot-stomping excitement. Kuumba—which means creativity—is the sixth principle of the Kwannzaa celebration and provides a context by which the Elysian community can show off its unique brand of creativity in a joyous community celebration.

At Sporting Events such as basketball games and track meets, Elysian coaches, teachers and families cheer on the Elysian Eagles as the athletes compete and learn the importance of good sportsmanship and teamwork.

During the many Experiential, Hands-On Field Trips to locations such as the nature centers in the Pocono Mountains, area art and culture institutions and historical and natural sites within the mile-square of Hoboken, parents and teachers give the children real-life experience with the concepts taught in the classroom.

During our After-School Enrichment Clubs, parents, teachers and administrators donate their time and talents to supplement classroom learning with more hands-on exploration into areas such science, literature, art, drama, performance, dance, crafting and cooking.