What is a Charter School?

A charter school is a public school operated under a charter granted by the State Commissioner of Education.

The school is operated independent of the municipality’s “District” Board of Education, and has its own Board of Trustees who are responsible for the operation of the school. As a public school, Elysian Charter does not charge tuition. Our school is open to all children on a space-available basis, with admission preference being given to siblings and then to students who reside in Hoboken.

Admission to a charter school is strictly regulated by the State, and in the case of Elysian Charter School, it is decided by a public lottery held yearly, usually in January.

All classroom teachers and professional support staff hold the appropriate NJ State Certifications.

Students in charter schools are required to participate in all Statewide Achievement Testing programs.

Our small size, involved school community, cutting edge program offerings, dedicated highly professional staff, makes us a positively different public school. It’s a public charter school, which makes it free.