Elysian’s Philosophy

The Elysian Charter School approach to learning, teaching and community is based on many of the philosophies taught in the tradition of hands-on and cooperative learning. Our philosophy leads us to teach in a manner that is child-centered, holistic, progressive and academically rigorous.

Our community of no more than 288 students with two classes in each grade from kindergarten to eighth grade (16 students per class), permits us to live the adage “It takes a community to raise a child.” We are all involved at every level.

The teachers and administrators at Elysian Charter School are open to new ideas, to creating new curriculum and to having the children become active and responsible for their own learning. In our learning environment, language, conversation and discussion are seen as very important parts of the learning process that lead to the development of critical thinking skills.

Elysian’s curriculum meets the required New Jersey State Standards and grows directly out of the work created by teachers who collaborate on a regular basis. We always keep our focus on the whole child who always has strengths on which he or she can learn and grow.

Our goal is to educate children to become curious, lifelong learners with an appreciation of the arts, the diversity of all peoples in the world, and the self-confidence to fulfill his or her life’s dreams.